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Home is where we curate our best lives. Building a home in Montana can prove to be challenging, with sporadic changes in weather and unforeseen time constraints. Building your dream home should be an enjoyable adventure, with the least amount of stress possible. At Slev-Inc Homes, we are home builders who pride ourselves on leveraging our years of experience in contracting, construction, and custom home design to streamline and manage the home build process for you. We thrive in the Montana home builder environment and work hard to ensure that the time and cost investment in your project fits your needs. We develop relationships with our clients in order to discover personal style and design preferences. We assist you with decision-making during consultation prior to the start of construction, take care of hiring subcontractors, help navigate budget issues, and deliver an efficient close to our project. Slev-Inc Homes is more than just a local general contractor. We enjoy being a fundamental part of making Montana HOME.

Bozeman Home Builder FAQS

The typical process between new home builders and contractors entails a significant amount of back and forth between the client and the builder. We are proud to bring decades of expertise to guide you through the process in a way that is efficient, timely, and cost-effective. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions to get you started. If you have a question that isn’t listed, please send us an email or give us a call. It is our goal to provide as much insight as possible as you make the many decision required to build a new home.

Bozeman home builder showcasing custom kitchen area
Updated porch on Bozeman home by home builder Slev-Inc

When are you typically available to start construction on a project or new home build?

With most projects we can start within 3-4 weeks from the signing of a contract. A significant amount of time can be spent on planning prior to the actual signing of a contract (which leads to a smoother building process later). Our building availability is also subject to the amount of projects we currently have in the works. Occasionally, weather prohibits or adds costs during winter months, but we have multiple subcontractors that we work closely with who ensure multiple jobs are completed simultaneously and who consistently meet deadlines. The best way to find out our current availability is to call us directly at (406) 595-4064 and inquire.

Are there ways to cut costs without losing aesthetics and needs during the home build process?

We pride ourselves on helping you balance value and aesthetics during the home design process and will work with you, throughout the project, on budgetary concerns and decisions. Making things look beautiful at the lowest possible cost is a chief goal of Slev-Inc Homes.

Does Slev-Inc Homes build the home from start to finish?

Short answer, yes. While we are in charge of project management and some of the fine carpentry, we also hire subcontractors to complete work, such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. We have developed relationships with other companies to provide these services with quality that meets our standards. Slev-Inc Homes directs, manages, and oversees the construction process from start to finish.


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The best way to start the process of designing your new home or exploring new construction options is to start a conversation with home builders in your area. Reach out today to get in touch. Slev-Inc Homes is dedicated to educating our clients on the process; leverage our expertise to get your custom construction project started in the right direction.