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Choosing the right contractor for your remodel or renovation is perhaps the most crucial step in your home improvement project. No matter how well-researched your vision, without the right contractor, bringing it to life runs the risk of being a frustrating, time-consuming process. Slev-Inc Homes offers the range of experience in project management, environmentally-friendly options, and creative construction solutions that is key to a well-executed remodel.


“Thank you for orchestrating the update of our kitchen. Your knowledge and your attention to detail made the project go well and the results are exciting. Your creativity led to the wonderful back splash, a gift we truly appreciate. I only had the idea of metal and you expanded the idea to a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art. The cut out with the light behind is stunning. We thank you for the unexpected gift. “

Improve your home’s resale value

In addition to creating new and refreshed spaces that better serve your hobbies and needs, home renovation can drastically increase the value of your home. The average return on investment for a home remodel project is anywhere between 56-75%. As a local contractor who specializes in unique home renovation and remodeling, Slev-Inc Homes can guide your updates to enhance your home’s resale value. Even in significant remodel projects, it is typically 20% more expensive to completely tear down and start from scratch than to modify the existing home. The steps and processes are similar to a new construction build, with emphasis put on adjusting current infrastructure. As with our new custom builds, we involve our clients in the budgeting, subcontracting, and design aspects of planning to ensure our projects meet budget and timeline expectations. With Joseph Slevin’s background in rehabilitating structures after natural disaster Hurricane Sandy, he brings the creativity and problem-solving skills necessary to rejuvenate almost any space. From custom carpentry within a 100-year-old home to the creation of modern sustainability, Slev-Inc Homes is a leading contractor in Southwestern Montana home remodel and renovation.

Bozeman Remodeling FAQS

When you are working with a contractor on a home renovation or remodel, you need to trust they have the experience and expertise to fulfill your vision and direct you to cost-effective yet innovative solutions. Here are a few of our frequently asked questions to get you started. If you have a question that isn’t listed, please send us an email or give us a call. It is our goal to provide as much insight as possible into the design options of your remodel.

Bathroom construction and countertop finishes
Bozeman contractor working on a new home build

Can we remove an existing wall during our home remodel project?

In my extensive home remodeling and contracting experience, I have never encountered a wall that can’t be removed with proper engineering. If the cost-to-gain ratio of moving the wall does not make sense, we can always recommend alternative ideas.

Can we alter the design of a flat ceiling and change it to a vaulted ceiling?

With appropriate engineering and meticulous installation procedures, yes it can be done. Time / cost factors can be discussed and weighed with the client. Our considerable contracting experience has made us experts at engineering the right solution for our clients.

If I am looking to improve the resale value of my home, what are some of the most financially beneficial home renovation projects?

The highest return on investment is seen with replacement of garage doors, kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations. Significant value can also be gained with the addition of a composite outdoor deck or entertainment space. Your local contractor will be able to provide insight into advantageous home renovations for your area. Call or email us today to discuss your home remodel options.


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Work with a Bozeman contractor who can execute your home remodel vision with proficiency and artistry


The best way to approach the start of a home renovation or remodel is to begin a conversation with contractors in your area. Reach out today to get in touch. Slev-Inc Homes is dedicated to educating our clients on the process of renovating your home; leverage our expertise to get your remodel project started in the right direction.