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Slev-In Homes is a Bozeman-based home builder specializing in residential custom new construction, home additions, remodels, and renovations. Slev-Inc Homes is a trusted resource for your custom home build with detailed project oversight from concept to completion. Our project oversight starts at your project’s conception with cost analysis, local code compliance and industry best practices for environmental concerns to help guide decisions during the design phase. Slev-Inc Homes is a builder with the experience and network to ensure quality subcontractor work during your home build construction while maintaining the project timeline to guide a timely delivery of the finished project.


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Budget concerns are warranted with any home build but with proper management and fewer surprises along the critical path for construction, a completed project within budget is within reach. We will work tirelessly to make sure your home build project, remodel, or renovation is completed not only to your satisfaction but to ours as well. With all the variables and moving parts involved, embarking on a home build construction project on your own can be stressful and costly. We are home builder experts. Let us sweat the details. Leverage our experience to deliver your quality project within its predetermined budget and time constraints. Our goal at Slev-Inc Homes is for you to be happy with and proud of your finished home, whether it be a simple remodel or new construction of your dream home in our beautiful Bozeman / Big Sky area.

Industry Best Practices and Local Compliance for Home builders in the Bozeman / Big Sky Area

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About Slev-Inc Homes

Bozeman home builder with 35 years of construction and contracting experience

Joseph Slevin, owner of Slev-Inc Homes, is a Bozeman, MT based home builder and contractor who brings more than 35 years of construction and project management experience to each project. Joseph began his building career as a home builder on the east coast with certifications in construction and construction management. While building and managing construction of new custom homes, Joseph honed his skills as a craftsman and specialized in the renovation of 100+ year old homes; each with its own unique characteristics and set of challenges.

Joseph moved to Montana in 2002, blending his love of the mountains with his passion for home construction. Joseph’s experience in Montana ranges from light commercial construction to custom residential homes. This background in Montana home building, coupled with his experience building on the east coast, led Joseph to becoming an integral part of the post Hurricane Sandy rebuild efforts in 2012. His direct involvement and management skill set was critical in handling the post-disaster clean-up and rebuild after the Hurricane Sandy event (which significantly affected his hometown in New Jersey). Through identifying critical paths for construction and understanding the timing of benchmarks and effective communication, Joseph found great success with quality project completion and ultimately returned people affected by the storm to their homes and lives quickly and efficiently.


“We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind framed photo of the house. We mounted it in the house right away. It was so kind & thoughtful for you to make it for us. It represents the wonderful work you did on the new porch and entry. It really showcases your work. You are a polished craftsman for sure. We will always rely on your skill and craftsmanship around our house. You’re a good friend to boot. We value our friendship and association. Thanks for all you’ve done for us and will continue to do in the future.”

Guiding the home build process with innovation and intention

With experience as an innovative craftsman, independent project manager and business owner, Joseph has the ability to oversee and direct the most basic or multi-million-dollar construction projects from conception to completion ensuring a high degree of quality and customer satisfaction. Clients appreciate Joseph’s eye for quality, design sensibilities and inventive problem-solving skills. His familiarity with the home construction process and related skill set allows him to focus on the “big picture” while creating effective communication between personnel, contractors and management teams. Call Slev-Inc Homes for a consultation today!

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